The Most Frequently Asked Questions For Bridge Construction Companies On Bridge Design & Build.

Most bridge construction companies are excavating companies offering bridge work on the side. While each company is different, we think bridge design work requires a specific skill set that should be a main emphasis of the people doing the work. At Building Systems, we’ve been building, restoring, and replacing small and historic bridges throughout Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, and Eastern West Virginia. Our experienced team handles all the details so your new bridge supports the needs of your community. Since 1983, we’ve heard thousands of questions from clients. Here are the most commonly asked questions:

  1. Why Is It Taking So Long? Constructing, repairing, or restoring a bridge is a lengthy process. We’re frequently shoring up or installing foundations in 10 feet of water with our team donning wetsuits to protect them from chilly temps. We often have to account for new paving and guard rails which add time to any project. Overall, these aren’t easy tasks and it takes a detail oriented team time to ensure your new bridge is structurally sound.
  2. Why Is This Bridge Still One-Lane? Historic bridges are frequently one lane. To be compliant with historic preservation standards and county and state regulations, we are required to replace the structure with the exact same footprint as what was previously there. What we are often doing is making the bridge stronger so it can accommodate heavier loads.

Experienced Construction For A Stable Bridge.

At Building Systems, we’ve been building bridges since 1983. We have strong relationships with area engineers to ensure your bridge performs as needed and expected. Our range of services from building contracting to industrial construction means you can depend on a completed project for your next job. Contact a member of our team for a free estimate when you’re choosing from bridge construction companies for bridge design.

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