Expert Bridge Construction Done Right

Building Systems is one of the few East Coast bridge construction companies that is not exclusively an excavating firm. Our broad skill set includes commercial and industrial construction, concrete, and excavation which makes for a well-balanced approach to bridge building and restoration. Our team brings expert design-build guidance and craftsmanship when aesthetics and dependability are both required for your project. We understand the process, the complexities, and the history of bridges in our service area. We proudly build and restore bridges in:

  • Maryland
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia

Historic Stone Bridge Experts.

We frequently restore stone bridges built in the early 19th-century. We address common problems like erosion, masonry issues, and parapet wall deterioration. Our team starts with the foundation by donning wetsuits to shore up the supporting structure to accommodate roads built for heavier traffic and bigger loads. Keeping each bridge historically accurate is an important part of these restoration projects. While we might install new support beams, each element will look like it’s been there since it was first built.

We Address Persistent Problems For Long Term Results.

Weather, water, corrosion, and chronic deterioration can plague stone, culvert, and precast bridges. We take the terrain, proximity to water, and type of bridge into consideration when we estimate the cost and timeline of each job. Each bridge is built to accommodate the weight and traffic-flow allowed by the city or county where it resides.

Our Expert Team Delivers Design-Build Bridge Construction.

Building Systems’ strongest asset is the knowledge and experience of our team. With employees averaging 16 years with our company, you can count on a detailed process and dependable build. Our focus on construction management adds value to your project.  Contact a member of our team to learn more about our services and to get started with the right choice in bridge construction companies.

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